How to solve the problem of complicated movements of replica watches

First of all, let's talk about the original intention of this movement. The appearance of this movement is completely due to the popularity of the AP series watches. In the past three years, the Royal Oak series in AP's top brand watch has always appeared in the form of quartz, and the price is quite cheap. There are almost no more than 1500 styles, and the workmanship of the outer casing is relatively rough. I have not done much research. It can be said that the AP watch has always appeared on high-end fashion watches. Only in 2010, there were finally 7750s of 12-bit seconds for the mold-makers to try replica watches the machine. The modification at that time was not to re-develop replica rolex, but to modify the individual movements themselves, with less output and high failure rate. Despite this, the appearance has been greatly improved, and the movement is an exclusive resource price is quite expensive. At that time, the mechanical watch's 12-character finished watch, the retail price will not be less than 9,000 yuan / only.

However, after this movement, in order to solve the problem of yield and productivity, the molder began to find the domestic factory with multi-needle running experience through the funds on hand, and made investment-made order. Such a very special movement, and at present the price of this movement is also due to the large-scale industrial production, making it easier for customers to get the pressure on this watch. Therefore, it can be said with certainty that this movement is a movement specially created for the appearance of high imitation watches. Without the replica rolex flourishing of high imitation watches, it is impossible for any real-time watch brands to invest nearly ten million in China. Develop a new movement with a 12-word seconds.

Ok, everyone knows about the appearance of this watch, let's take a look at this movement. This movement is provided by the manufacturer in the initial situation, which is provided by the manufacturer. The basic panel is provided. It is to provide the installation master with a low-cost test panel for pre-installation debugging. Because the multi-needle movement is not possible to be individually debugged in the case of mass production by the manufacturer fake watches. So there will be a variety of problems, such as inaccurate zero position, inaccurate timing, calendar stuck, etc.

Of course, this is also a problem with complex movements. At the same time, because of its characteristics, it can be seen after installation. If you have a basic panel, you can solve the related problems before installing, and then install them. This is undoubtedly for customers. The installers are both worry-free and labor-saving things. Of course, there are also molders who save this in order to save costs, but there is not replica rolex much to tell here. It is also a way to increase the yield of a multi-needle movement.