The movement designed by replica Audemars Piguet watches for 12 characters

The internal structure is completely subverted. This is not simply a transfer of a function, but a complete reconstruction. Then we changed the details from the details.

The gears of this movement are completely rebuilt. Especially for the convenience of future maintenance, some key accessories have been processed in different colors, respectively, silver and gold gears replica watches, which make a more differentiated level in maintenance, improve maintenance efficiency, and also a key component.

In addition to the 12-character position, there is a new design on the calendar, because it is a movement designed specifically for the 12-character Aegis, so a separate frame position on the calendar, when installing the test panel You can install the calendar to check if there is any offset, so the 7750 movement with 12 characters is rarely left in the left, upper, lower, and so on. If it appears, it can only be explained. The calendar used by the model is not completely done.

Of course, the manufacturer of the movement is impossible to solve these problems for you. In the face of huge production tasks, the voice of a single molder is very, very small. If the molder dares to make such a request to the movement manufacturer fake watches uk, it will definitely be said to be amateur.