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The following products are no longer in production.

DELamp12 -
PS220A75W 12V6A FL - 220VAC to 12VDC 6A Power Supply (Flange mount)
PS110/220A 24V8A PLC - 110/220VAC to 24VDC 8A PLC power supply
BE24V12V20A - 12/24V battery equaliser
LAC14V10A - 12V 10A Lead-Acid battery charger
LAC12V06A - 12V 6A Lead-Acid Battery Charger
PS220A12W 12V1A - 220VAC to 12VDC 1A regulated Mains adapter
PS220A36W 12V3A - 220VAC to 12VDC 3A regulated Mains adapter
PS220A10W 12V0.8A - 220VAC to 12VDC 800mA regulated Mains adapter
PSU 24V2A PLC - 24VDC 2A PLC Power supply
PSU 24V4A PLC - 24VDC 4A PLC Power supply
LN24V12V20A - 24VDC to 12VDC 20 Amp Low Noise Converter
LAC24V6A - 3-State 220VAC 24Volt 6 Amp Lead-Acid Battery Charger
LAC110V30A - 4KW 110VDC 30A Lead-Acid Battery Charger
UPS875B - Bravo 875VA Home UPS
DIGBT DRV - Dual IGBT Driver Module
EPP1 MK2 R01 - ECHO EPP1 MK2 R01
DBM-Sil - ECHO Silver Dual 12V Battery Monitor
SC 3-in-1 - ECHO Solar Charge Controller with batter undervoltage lockout
HPP1 MK4 Std - HPP1 MK4 Std
PC-LIPO-1A - Lithium Polymer Battery Charger
DCDC30A - NEW 12V 30A Dual Purpose DC to DC charger
DELamp - NEW waterproof LED Lamp
LAC14V03A - Off-line 14V 3A Lead-Acid Battery Charger
PSA12V3A - Off-line 9V, 12V or 15V Power Supply
HPP1 MK3c - Power Panel MK3c with 180W Solar Panel Charger
HPP1 MK4 R00 - Power Panel MK4 R00
HPP1 MK4 R02 - Power Panel MK4 R02
HPP1 MK4 R03 - Power Panel MK4 R03
PS220A75W 15V5A RF - Power Supply 220VAC to 15VDC 5A (Rubber feet)
PS220A75W 24V3A FL - Power Supply 220VAC to 24VDC 3A (Flange mount)
DCDC30A R03 - Revision R03 12V 30A Dual Purpose DC to DC charger
CHN90-36M - Solar Panel 90W 12V
CPP1 MK1/D/I - Upgrade Power Panel for Conqueror