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12V MK2 Power Pack with Solar Charge controller
Product Code: PWRP2
ZAR 6580.00 (incl. VAT)

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Product Information
Proven Design
  • Locally designed and manufactured
  • More that 800x sold since 2008
Product Features
  • Lead Crystal Battery ready
  • Integrated 220VAC 12VDC 10A 3-state battery charger
  • Integrated 12VDC 7.2A battery charger operating from vehicle cigarette lighter socket
  • Integrated 120W solar charge controller
  • 9 Amp maximum current drawn from vehicle cigarette lighter socket to prevent damage to vehicle wiring and fuses
  • Integrated 150W 220VAC inverter
  • Battery monitor from 10V to 14.5V
  • Under voltage battery protector disconnects loads when battery voltage drops below 10.5VDC
  • 12V Brad Harrison style output socket
  • 12V Hella style output socket
  • 12V Cigarette Lighter output socket
  • All 12 Volt outputs are protected against shorts with auto resetting devices
  • AC, DC & Solar Panel input cables included
  • Complete with battery box for 105Ah battery (battery not included)
Technical Notes
220VAC Charger
AC input voltage 220VAC +/- 15% 40Hz to 50Hz
AC input current 1A maximum
Trickle charge output voltage 13.8VDC nominal
Fast charge output voltage 14.2VDC nominal
Fast charge current 10 Amp maximum
12DC Charger
DC input voltage 11 to 15VDC
Input current 9A maximum
Output charge voltage 14.2V nominal
Charge current 7.2 Amp maximum
Solar Panel Charger
Input power 120W maximum
Charge current 5.2A for 90W panel exposed to 128,000 lux sunlight
AC Inverter Output
Output voltage 220VAC +/- 5% RMS
309VDC +/- 5% peak
Output frequency 50Hz -5Hz/+10Hz
Output power 150W continuous
Battery Monitor
Indication 10x Green, Amber & Red LEDs
Range 10VDC to 14,5VDC in 0.5V steps
Under Voltage Lockout
Load switch OFF voltage 10.5VDC
Load switch ON voltage 13.3VDC
12VDC Output Current
Brad Harrison socket 11 Amp maximum
Hella style socket 9 Amp maximum
Cigarette Lighter socket 5 Amp maximum
Dimensions (battery box included)
Width 410mm
Height 275mm
Depth 290mm
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