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Battery Protector
Product Code: UVLO RL

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Product Information
  • Suitable for 12V Lead-Acid batteries
  • Prevents deep cycling of battery.
  • Automatically disconnects load when battery voltage drops below 11 volt.
  • Automatically re-connects load when battery voltage reaches 13 volt.
  • Manual load connect button.
  • High output current.
  • LED indicator turns ON when load is connected.
  • Load dump protection included.Reverse battery protected on input.
  • Battery reverse voltage protected.

Technical Notes

Load disconnect voltage 11VDC +/-0.2VDC
Load auto connect voltage 13VDC +/-0.2VDC
Maximum load current 10 Amp continuous @ 30C

:  8 Amp continuous @ 50C
20 Amp for less than 30 seconds
Operating ambient temperature -20C to +60C
Dimensions 75mm x 55mm x 48mm excluding mounting ears
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