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3-State 220VAC 24Volt 6 Amp Lead-Acid Battery Charger
Product Code: LAC24V6A

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Product Information
  • Specially designed to withstand vibration and shock during off-road use
  • Wide input operating voltage range with input over voltage and surge protection
  • Suitable for charging Lead-Acid 24 Volt batteries with capacities from 40AH to 150AH
  • 3-State charging ensures the shortest possible charging time:
    State 1-Constant power charging
    State 2-Constant voltage charging
    State 3-Trickle charging
  • Automatic switch over from charging modes to trickle charging mode
  • Trickle charging will not damage battery
  • Battery reverse voltage protection in case a battery is connected the wrong way
  • Output short circuit protected
  • Will not discharge battery if Mains Power fails. (Internal relay isolates battery)
  • Charge inhibit if battery voltage is below 9 Volt due to shorted cells
  • Manual start button if battery is totally flat
  • Can be used as a regulated 27.6/28.2 volt power supply
  • Integral thermostatically controlled cooling fan
Technical Notes
Input voltage 120VAC to 265VAC 40Hz to 70Hz
Charging current 6 - +/-10 Amp maximum depending on battery condition and Mains Voltage
Trickle charge current 1 to 1.5 Amp nominal depending on battery condition
Trickle voltage 27.6V +/- 0.075V (Green lamp ON)
Peak charging voltage 28.20V +/- 0,1V (Amber lamp ON)
Operating ambient temperature -20C to +45C
Dimensions 155(W)x155(W)x73(H) mm3
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