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Revision R03 12V 30A Dual Purpose DC to DC charger

Battery Protector
12V 12A Dual Purpose DC to DC Charger
Product Code: DCDC12A
Model: DCDC12A

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Product Information
Proven Design
  • Locally designed and manufactured
  • More that 600x sold since 2011
Product Features
  • Dual purpose DC to DC Lead Acid Battery charger
  • Charges 12V Lead Acid Batteries from vehicle or Solar Panel
  • Integrated 180W MPPC Solar Panel Charge controller
  • Compensates for voltage drops over supply wires
  • Eliminates dual battery switch and the need for heavy gauge wire from car to charger
  • Will not flatten vehicle battery
  • Charge indicator LED
  • Loads automatically connect directly to vehicle supply when driving
  • Full 12A always available to charge battery
  • Integrated temperature controlled cooling fan
  • Short circuit protection on inputs and outputs
  • Rugged contruction using powder coated mild steel box
  • Easy intallation
Disconnect +Car and Ign when using Solar Panel (Solar Panel and Car cannot be used together)
In Solar Panel mode loads will automatically be connected to battery (no bypass function)
Solar Panel MPPC (Maximum Power Point Control) ensures that the maximum power is extracted
from the Solar Panel

Do not block ventilation holes at rear or on the side
Do not expose to rain or water
No user serviceable parts inside
Return to seller if malfunctioning

This product will be replaced or repaired if a failure occurs within one year, from the date of purchase, as a result of faulty materials or workmanship provided that the product is returned to the seller with proof of purchase. Replacement or repair shall be at the discretion of the manufacturer. This warranty excludes failures which results from misuse of the product. The manufacturer and/or seller shall not be held liable for personal injury of consequential damages that may result through the use of this product.Lightning damage is excluded from this warranty.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the product specification without prior notice as a result of his continued development and improvement program. Picture may differ from actual product

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Technical Notes
Switch ON voltage > 13.3V (on Ignition input)
Switch OFF voltage < 12.5V (on Ignition input)
Charge input voltage 10.5V to 15V (on Car & GND connection)
Solar Panel input power 180W max
Solar Panel input voltage:27V max
Input current 17A max plus load current
Output voltage 14.2 +/-0.1VDC
Charge current 12A max
Operating temperature -10 to +45 degrees Celcius
Dimensions 145mm x 130mm x 68mm
Weight 820 gram
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