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Dual IGBT Driver Module
Product Code: DIGBT DRV

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Product Information
  • Dual independent channels
  • Dual 1.0 Amp peak gate drive
  • Dual integrated floating gate drive power supplies
  • Under & over voltage protection
  • IGBT Collector desaturation protection
  • Separate channel fault reporting
  • Drive latch-off and slow gate deactivation in case of fault
  • Negative gate hold-off voltage to prevent cross conduction
  • Separate fault reset inputs for each channel
  • Logic levels for fault output
  • Logic levels for drive and reset inputs
  • More than 1000V isolation between channel and between inputs and outputs
  • Low turn ON and OFF delay
  • Single 12 V input supply
  • Compact and rugged design
Technical Notes
Supply voltage 12VDC +/- 1V
Supply current Typically < 150mA (frequency dependent)
Gate drive current 1.0A peak (Up to 2.5A on order)
Channel isolation > 1,000VDC
Input to output isolation > 1,000VDC
Turn ON delay 0.50us max
Turn OFF delay 0.50us max
Channel offset delay 0.35us max
Fault latch OFF delay 3.0us max
Fault reporting delay 5.0us max
Fault logic Fault = Low voltage <0.8V and 10mA max
No Fault voltage >2.0V and 1mA max
Reset pulse width Logic low voltage < 0.8V for > 0.1us
Drive input logic Input high voltage > 2.0V = Gate drive
Input low voltage < 0.8V = Gate drive
Input low current = 0.5mA
Input high current = 0mA
Common mode transient immunity 30KV/us
Dimensions 74mm x 64mm x 18mm
Operating temperature -20C to +80C
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