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12V 12A Dual Purpose DC to DC Charger

Battery Protector
Revision R03 12V 30A Dual Purpose DC to DC charger
Product Code: DCDC30A R03
Model: DCDC30A R03

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Product Information
  • Auto switch over from Solar Panel MPPC mode to Car mode when alternator voltage is detected
  • High current dual purpose 30A 12V DC to DC battery charger
  • Suitable for deep cycle and cranking lead acid batteries of 70Ah and higher battery capacities
  • Eliminates dual battery switch
  • Will not flatten vehicle battery
  • Compensates for voltage drops over supply wires
  • Dual purpose lead acid battery charger (charges from car or solar panel without having to re-connect car or solar panel)
  • Integrated 360W MPPC solar charger
  • Integrated alternator overload protection
  • Integrated bypass circuit automatically connects loads directly to alternator when charger operates thus making full 30A available to charge battery.
  • Three state charger optimises charging (bulk, constant voltage and trickle charging)
  • Two colour charge indicator LED shows charging and charge completion status
  • Integrated battery temperature compensation to prolong battery life
  • Twin two speed thermally controlled cooling fans
  • Integrated over temperature protection
  • Short circuit and reverse battery protection on all inputs and outputs
  • Sturdy powder coated mild steel enclosure
  • Easy installation with high quality screw type wire connections
Our DCDC30A charger is a serious machine that can draw up to 50A from your vehicle's alternator. In order to protect your alternator we have included a feature that reduces the charging current progressively if the input voltage from the alternator drops and approaches 13V. It is therefore necessary to use wire sizes as specified to prevent charge current reduction as a result of voltage drops over supply wires.

Technical Notes
Switch ON voltage >13,3V (on ignition input)
Switch OFF voltage <12.5V (on ignition input)
Charge input voltage 10.5V to 15V between GND and +Car input
Solar input power 360W max and 26V max
Charge current 30A max
Output voltage 14.4+/-0.1V in charge mode (Amber LED ON)
Output voltage 13.8 +/-0.1V in Trickle mode (Green LED ON)
Load current 25A max
Input current 65A max with max load current of 25A
Operating temperature -10 to +45 degrees Celsius
Dimensions 175mm x 165mm x 68mm
Weight 1425 gram
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