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Multi-Plug DC
Product Code: MP1
Model: MP1
ZAR 969.00 (incl. VAT)

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Product Information
Proven design
  • Locally designed and manufactured
  • Original overload protection circuit since 2008
  • Beware of immitations
  • Dual USB charging port
  • Brad Harison style 11A output connector
  • Hella style 9A output socket
  • Cigarette lighter 5A output socket
  • Power ON indicator LED
  • 1.5m 12V input power cord
  • Sturdy powder coated mild steel box
  • Compact easy to mount
Technical Notes
12VDC input
1x Brad Harison style 12V 11A output connector
1x Hella style 12V 9A output socket
1x Cigarette lighter 12V 5A output socket
1x Dual 5V 1A USB charging port
4mmsq x 1.5m input power cord
Dimensions 170mm x 70mm x 45mm