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Multi-Plug DC
Product Code: MP1
Model: MP1

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Product Information
Proven design
  • Locally designed and manufactured
  • Original overload protection circuit since 2008
  • Beware of immitations
  • Dual USB charging port
  • Battery status indicator
  • Brad Harison style 11A output connector
  • Hella style 9A output socket
  • Cigarette lighter 5A output socket
  • Power ON indicator LED
  • 1.5m 12V input power cord
  • Sturdy powder coated mild steel box
  • Compact easy to mount
Technical Notes
12VDC input
Battery status indicator LED. Green if Vbat > 12.5V, Amber if 11.5V < Vbat < 12.5V, Red if Vbat < 11.5V
1x Brad Harison style 12V 11A output connector
1x Hella style 12V 9A output socket
1x Cigarette lighter 12V 5A output socket
1x Dual 5V 1A USB charging port
4mmsq x 1.5m input power cord
Dimensions 170mm x 70mm x 45mm
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