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Battery Equaliser
Product Code: BE12/24V20A
Model: BE12/24V20A

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Product Information
  • 24V vehicles with both 24V and 12V load (fridges, radios, ect) requirements
  • 12V vehicles with both 24V and 12V load (fridges, radios, ect) requirements
  • Running 24V inverters and UPSs in 12V vehicles
  • Compatible with our HPP1 MK5 power panel, Solid State Dual Battery Switch and most other dual battery systems.
  • Will charge both 12V series connected batteries in 12V vehicles and keep the charge balanced between the batteries
  • Will charge both 12V series connected batteries in 24V vehicles and keep the charge balanced between the batteries even if 12V loads are only connected to one 12V battery.
  • Will balance the charge in two series connected batteries even if one is fully charged and the other is almost discharged. The unit will remove charge from the charged battery and direct it to the discharged battery until both have the same charge.
  • In 12V vehicles with 12V loads with two series connected 12V batteries the unit will ensure that the batteries behave as  though they are connected in parallel
  • Ideal for 12V vehicles with inverters requiring 24V
  • Powerfull with high balancing currents up to 20A
  • High conversion efficiency of more than 90%
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Only three connections required (GND, +12V & +24V)
Technical Notes


24VDC input range                                          : 18VDC to 32VDC

12VDC input range                                          : 9VDC to 15VDC

Load dump protection                                      : Yes on both input and output

Reverse polarity protection                               : Yes through internal fuses

Output voltage with 24VDC input                     : ½ input voltage +/-0.15V

Output voltage with 12VDC input                     : 2x input voltage +/-0.15V

Current limit on 12VDC output                         : ≥20A

Current limit on 24VDC output                         : ≥10A

Power conversion efficiency                              : > 90%

Standby current                                                : <10uA

Operating ambient temperature                         : -20°C to +60°C

Dimensions                                                       : (W)160mm x (D)156mm x (H)55mm

Housing                                                            : Powder coated metal box with mounting ears

Battery Equaliser
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