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Power Supply 220VAC to 15VDC 5A (Rubber feet)
Product Code: PS220A75W 15V5A RF

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Product Information
  • 220/240VAC ±10% 50HZ input.
  • Regulated 12V output voltage.
  • Low output ripple voltage.
  • Red and black Banana socket.
  • Available with rubber feet or flanged mounting.
  • Compact economical design.
  • 1 Year warranty.
Technical Notes
Input voltage 220VAC to 240VAC 5% 50Hz
Power input 1m 3-core cable with 3-pin SA plug
Output voltage 15VDC 0.1 volt
Power output Red and Black Banana socket on front panel
Output ripple voltage 0.2V peak-to-peak maximum
Load and line regulation < 2%
Output current 5A maximum
Output short circuit protection Yes
Operating temperature 0C to +40C
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