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Battery Protector

12V 12A Dual Purpose DC to DC Charger
Revision R02 12V 20A Dual Purpose DC to DC charger
Product Code: DCDC20A R02
Model: DCDC20A R02

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Product Information

DCDC20A R02 12V 20A DC to DC Charger

  • Waterproof with breather to equalise internal and external pressure to prevent water ingress
  • Suitable for use in extreme environments from -15°C to +80°C (See performance graph under Document and compare with competitors)
  • Power conversion efficiency more than 95% eliminating forced cooling or fans
  • Includes user reset-able overload trip
  • Charges car battery from Solar Panels if auxiliary battery is fully charged
  • Adjusts charge rate to protect alternator if vehicle voltage drops too low and turns ON warning LED
  • Warns if vehicle alternator cannot supply enough current of if voltage drops between the car and unit is too high due to thin wiring or bad contacts
  • Waterproof with special breather membrane that equalises internal and external pressure thus preventing water getting in the unit as a result of temperature fluctuations
  • Automatically charges car battery from Solar Panels if auxilliary battery is full
  • Includes user reset-able overload trip
  • Can be mounted external to vehicle and in engine compartment
  • Auto switch over from Solar Panel MPPT mode to Car mode when alternator voltage is detected
  • High current dual purpose 20A 12V DC to DC battery charger
  • Suitable for deep cycle and cranking lead acid batteries of 70Ah and higher battery capacities
  • Eliminates dual battery switch
  • Will not flatten vehicle battery
  • Compensates for voltage drops over supply wires
  • Dual purpose lead acid battery charger (charges from car or solar panel without having to re-connect car or solar panel)
  • Integrated 400W MPPT solar charger
  • Integrated alternator overload protection
  • Integrated bypass circuit automatically connects loads directly to alternator when charger operates thus making full 20A available to charge battery. Fridges etc. are connected directly to car while charging thus not powered by charger
  • Three state charger optimises charging (bulk, constant voltage and trickle charging)
  • Two colour charge indicator LED shows charging and charge completion status
  • Integrated battery temperature compensation to prolong battery life
  • Red fault indicator LED lights up if vehicle wiring does not meet minimum resistance requirements
  • Noiseless with no cooling fans
  • Integrated over temperature protection
  • Short circuit and reverse battery protection on all inputs and outputs
  • Sturdy powder coated die cast aluminium enclosure
  • Easy installation with high quality screw type wire connections
LED indicators
  • Charge LED
    • Amber when fast charging
    • Green when trickle charging
  • Fault LED
    • Solid RED if alternator protection is enabled (turns ON if vehicle voltage is too low due to faulty wiring or alternator)
    • Flashing RED 3 seconds ON and 3 seconds OFF if battery temperature probe is faulty
    • Flashing RED 1 seconds ON and 1 seconds OFF if solar panel voltage is too high
Internal automotive blade fuses
  • 25A on Car input
  • 25A on battery input
  • Fuses can be replaced by removing the 4x black screws in the corners of the bottom cover. Use knife to break the silicon seal and replace with fresh silicon before fitting the bottom cover.
  • +Car - Connect to car battery positive terminal using 10mm wire
  • +SP - Connect 12V Solar Panel positive using 4mm wire
  • GND - Connect to battery to be charged negative terminal using 6mm wire
  • +Bat - Connect to battery to be charged positive terminal using 6mm wire
  • +Load - Connect to load (fridge etc) positive input using 6mm wire
  • Connect negative return wires directly to battery negative terminal (10mm2 -Car, 4mm-Solar Panel, 6mm-Loads)

Breather notes
Traditional sealed waterproof enclosures use an o-ring to seal the product but this method is not suitable for operation in extreme environments where the product is subjected to large temperature fluctuations and water as found in engine compartments. In engine compartments the ambient temperature can easily reach 50°C to 60°C. If the engine mounted product is now suddenly cooled as a result of splashed water or wading the product cools down quickly and the internal pressure drops and water is sucked past the o-ring and becomes trapped inside the product. The only way to prevent the water ingress is to provide the unit with a breather made of a porous plastic membrane with hole sizes small enough to prevent water molecules passing through the membrane but large enough to allow air to freely pass through the membrane. The membrane thus equalises the internal and external pressure preventing water being sucked into the enclosure when subjected to cooling when exposed to water.

Do not submerse in water
Do not short load output to ground
Ensure Car, Soar panel and Battery polarity is correct

Technical Notes
Switch ON voltage >13,3V 
Switch OFF voltage <12.5V nominal 
Solar panel voltage 28V max open circuit voltage
Solar input power 400W max
Charge current 20A max
Output voltage 14.4+/-0.1V at 25°C in charge mode (Amber LED ON)
Output voltage 13.8 +/-0.1Vat 25°C in Trickle mode (Green LED ON)
Load current 20A max
Input current 30A max with max load current of 10A
Operating temperature -15 to +80 degrees Celsius
Curent vs Temperature
DCDC20A output current vs ambient temperature
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