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About Us


Background to HCdP Electronics (Pty) Ltd

The Managing Director, Manie du Preez’s career or rather passion as power electronics design engineer began in the offices of Kentron in 1978.  He held the position of technical specialist in the design of missile related power electronics and also served as an advisor on electromagnetic interference related projects. During 1989 his interest in automotive electronics led to the registration of a closed corporation named DUPEC Automotive Electronics CC.

Towards the end of 1989 DELTA Motor Corporation (Pty) Ltd took an interest in some of the products of this young company. This led to a joint venture with DELTA and the registration of Dupec Electronics (Pty) Ltd. Manie resigned from Kentron and was appointed Managing Director of the new business. The core business was the design, manufacturing and supply of automotive electronic components for the motor industry.  Customers included Volkswagen, Delta Motor Corporation (now General Motors SA), General Motors Brazil and Renault.  Most notable was the development of the Opel Corsa Lite’s fuel injection controller which has been used by Delta from 1998 until the model was discontinued in about 2010.

In October 1999 DELTA and Manie sold Dupec to Electromatic, which later became Shurlok International (Pty) Ltd.  Manie was appointed Technical Director of Shurlok International. As part of the sale agreement Manie entered into a three year contract with Shurlok followed by a three year restraint of trade in the automotive field.

During 2004 Manie resigned and started HCdP Electronics (Pty) Ltd

HCdP Electronics (Pty) Ltd Today

HCdP Electronics is a young, vibrant business full of potential that specialises in power electronics for off-road (4x4), industrial, commercial and military applications. Johan Wolmarans joined HCdP in 2008 and has extensive experience in the design and operation of off-road related electronic systems and as well as the manufacturing of these systems.

HCdP supplies seventeen OEM trailer manufacturer with intelligent Power Panels, Power Packs, Dual Battery Switches, DC to DC Chargers, Battery Chargers and Solar Charge Controllers.

A number of 1KW to 2KW airborne power supplies were developed and manufactured for Denel Aerospace. These units were qualified against strict environmental specifications that included vibration testing, extended temperature operation and performance at 10,000m altitude under controlled humidity conditions.

For the past eight years they also manufactured vehicle tracking cabinets for Netstar. These cabinets contain a number of custom power electronic circuits developed by HCdP as well as a temperature compensated 25Amp 12 Volt Lead-0Acid battery charger.

Salt Water Chlorinator Power Supplies have been developed and supplied to Healthy Swim for the past eleven years Unlike most other chlorinators these units keeps the rate of chlorine generation constant over a wide range of salt concentrations.