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Hybrid 850VA Home UPS
Product Code: UPS850H
Model: UPS850H
ZAR 3155.00 (incl. VAT)

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Product Information
  • Hybrid system charges the battery from 220VAC or Solar Panels
  • Automatic switch over between Utility Supply and Inverter
  • No need to re-connect things or start generators when power fails - it is all done automatically
  • Silent operation makes it suitable for use in Estates and Complexes
  • True Sine Wave Inverter output compatible with all electrical loads
  • 850VA output is more than double that required to run big TV, DSTV decoder, Sound System and up to five 11W lights
  • Integrated 12V 12A intelligent battery charger with fast and trickle charge modes
  • Integrated 12V 30A solar charger with priority
  • Will run TV setup for up to 4 hours with 12V 100Ah battery
  • Standard SA 3-pin 220VAC outlet socket.
* Priority is given to solar power when connected to solar panels. The unit uses the maximum available solar power to charge the battery and if not enough only then will the 220VAC source be used.

* 12V battery NOT included
Technical Notes

Manufacturer  Luminous

Technical Specifications

  • - Output voltage: 220VAC +/-7V
  • - Output frequency: 50 +/- 1Hz
  • - Output waveform: True sine wave
  • - Output power: 850VA
  • - AC input voltage: 180VAC to 270VAC
  • - DC input voltage/battery: 12VDC
  • - Solar panel input: 12V 30A max
  • - Transfer time from Mains failure to UPS output: <10ms
  • - Output display: LCD & LEDs
  • - Protection & audible alarm: Output overload and short, reverse battery connection, battery under voltage & over temperature
  • - Operating temperature: 0°C to 45°C
  • - Dimensions: 350mm x 325mm x 170mm
  • - Weight: 10.4Kg

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