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12V MK2 Power Pack with Solar Charge controller
12V MK3 Power Pack
Product Code: PWRP3
ZAR 7550.00 (incl. VAT)

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Product Information
Proven Design
  • Locally designed and manufactured
Product Features
  • Lead Acid and LiFePo4 battery ready
  • Integrated 220VAC 12VDC 20A 3-state battery charger
  • Integrated 12VDC 20A DC to DC battery charger
  • Integrated 330W MPPT solar charge controller
  • Integrated Dual Battery function eliminates dual battery solenoid/switch in towing vehicle
  • Integrated Digital Battery Monitor
  • Under voltage battery protector disconnects loads when battery voltage drops below 11.0VDC
  • 12V Brad Harrison style output socket
  • 12V Hella style output socket
  • 12V Cigarette Lighter output socket
  • All 12 Volt outputs are protected against shorts with 25A blade fuse & auto resetting devices
  • 220VAC power cord included
  • Input connectors for car and solar panel included
Technical Notes
220VAC Charger
AC input voltage 220VAC +/- 15% 40Hz to 50Hz
AC input current 2A maximum
Trickle charge output voltage 13.6VDC nominal for Lead-Acid Batteries only
Fast charge output voltage 14.4VDC nominal for Lead-Acid and LiFePO4 Batteries
Fast charge current 20 Amp maximum
12VDC DC to DC Charger
Switch ON voltage:Vcar > 13.3V
Switch OFF voltage Vcar < 12.5V
Input current 23A maximum
Output charge voltage 14.4V nominal for Lead-Acid and LiFePO4 Batteries
13.6V trickle for Lead-Acid Batteries ONLY
Charge current 20 Amp maximum
Solar Panel Charger
Panel input power 330W maximum
Panel voltage:28V maximum
Charge algorithm MPPT

Under Voltage Lockout
Load switch OFF voltage 11.0VDC
Load switch ON voltage 13.0VDC
12VDC Output Current
Brad Harrison socket 25 Amp maximum
Hella style socket 9 Amp maximum
Cigarette Lighter socket 7 Amp maximum
Dimensions (without battery box)
Width 300mm
Height 213mm
Depth 95mm
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